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The importance of marketing localisation

Marketing practices vary significantly from country to country and even from region to region, with research showing that customers respond best to content that is rooted in their own daily experiences and culture.

This means that if you truly want to connect with your customers around the globe, a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to work. Each text needs to be carefully adapted to its target market and tuned in to local concepts and cultural sensitivities. Otherwise, your message will most likely fall flat and lose out to local competitors or more engaged global operations.

Small words can make a big difference

Marketing localisation can take many forms. It is often a case of understanding words and terms that have a special meaning in your target market.

Take the Swedish word fika, for example. This seemingly simple word for a coffee break fills Swedes with a sense of warmth and cosiness. It brings back evocative memories of long afternoons with close friends, enjoying strong black coffee to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns. Using this word in your marketing materials will reach Swedes in a way that simply can’t compare with flat translations like coffee break or pause, allowing them to better connect with your brand and product.

These sorts of small words can also reassure consumers that you know what matters to them. Take the Spanish word quinceañera, for example. This fifteenth birthday celebration is hugely important in Mexico, and connecting with the tradition can mean big things for your brand.

Embracing local habits

Marketing localisation is also about understanding how your customers live and creating a place for your product in that routine. It’s about showing that you understand what life is like in a local context and connecting with the rhythms and flows of daily life.

McDonald’s demonstrated this superbly with their 24-hour opening campaign in Spain several years ago. The brand playfully joked around with the late night partying habits of Spaniards, announcing on billboards across the country that "coming home before three isn’t going on a night out; it’s going out for dinner."

Localisation techniques such as these appeal to local truisms and resonate well with audiences, allowing brands to grow and develop in new markets.

Experts in marketing localisation

Here at Comunica, our translators understand the importance of marketing localisation, and we have the right skills to adapt your translations efficiently, naturally and accurately.

Whenever we undertake a marketing localisation translation job, we always take care to carefully adapt your cultural reference points to the local context, thereby ensuring a text that feels familiar and relevant to your target audience. We painstakingly research appropriate terms and expressions that fit your sector and we take care to localise all relevant elements – from currencies and measurements through to URLs and idiomatic expressions.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help your global brand break into local markets!









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