We are a Danish owned company and therefore specialise in Scandinavian languages. We also provide translations into many other languages as we work with highly qualified freelance translators all over the world. All of our translators translate into their native tongue.

We mostly work with the following language combinations:

Translations from:

English to Danish
English to Norwegian
English to Swedish
English to Finnish
English to Dutch

English to Spanish
English to French
English to Italian
English to Portuguese
English to Russian

English to Polish
English to Czech
English to Japanese
English to Chinese

If you can't find the language combination you are looking for please email us and we will do our best to find a solution.


Fields of specialisation

COMUNICA guarantee accuracy, quality and professional management of every translation. All assignments are treated with strict confidentiality.

We work with highly qualified translators on a worldwide basis. This means that we can undertake any translation assignment, regardless of the subject area. Comunica's selective translator database contains no less than 300 translators specialising in the following subject areas:

Websites: Read more here…

Sales and Marketing: Brochures, newsletters and advertising

Technology: Software, apps, user-interface localisation, keyword (SEO translation)

Technical: Manuals, product catalogues and instruction manuals

Legal: Contracts, deeds and warranties

Financial: Annual accounts, reports/analysis and articles

Medicine: Medical articles, medicinal guides and medical records

If you didn't find what you were looking for, please send us an  email with your enquiry.



At COMUNICA, we believe that a translation must be adapted to the culture and the norms of the target language in order to convey a message and effect that corresponds with those of the source text. Our aim is an invisible sender. This means that we aim to produce a text that is translated as if it were originally written in the translated language. All linguistic quirks are recreated in the target text according to culture-specific norms, so that the recipients of both the source and target texts experience the same end-effect. This mainly applies to marketing texts, which is one of our main areas of expertise here at COMUNICA. All our translators are aware of how important it is for COMUNICA to work using this target language-oriented approach.


Website translation

Increase your revenue with a multilingual website!

Does your company have a website? The answer to that question will probably always be "yes, of course!” But when the next question is: ”Is it multilingual?” "Yes, of course" is probably not the general reply.

The Internet is one of the most important sales channels in the world today. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a crucial factor in reaching potential customers on a worldwide basis. The only way to create an effective ranking on Google's search engine and thereby generate interest in your company's products and services within selected markets, is via multilingual translations​​.

Having your website translated means more possibilities for branching out to new markets.

Speak your customer´s language!

It is vital that your website is accessible on an international level due to the fierce competition of today's market. This enables you to reach as many Internet users and potential customers as possible.


Several studies have shown that the probability of an Internet user buying something on a website is four times greater when the person can read the text in his/her own language. This means that the translation of your website should be one of your company's primary marketing strategies.

It's not as expensive as you think

A website approximately the same size as would cost about 500 € to translate. It is not always necessary to translate all parts of a website. This would reduce the cost even further.

This is a minor investment given the great many advantages of a multilingual website. The cost of the translation would be recouped with a minimum of new sales

The process is made cheaper and easier by gathering all of your translations and sending them to us, as COMUNICA can translate your website into virtually any language. We can also help with the actual layout of your website, making it even easier for you. We work with a team of skilled web and graphic designers, which means that all of your requirements can be carried out at the same place; At COMUNICA.





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